Commercial kitchen floors are subject to regular cleaning and sterilization. Impact, wear, cleaning chemicals, and high temperatures are common conditions to which these surfaces are exposed every day.

Conventional cleaning mechanisms eventually take a toll on the surface.  The damages result in chipping and cracks that create an uneven floor, contributing to water ingress, dirt retention, trip hazards, and further accentuate any problems.

Kitchen floor tiles can be undermined by water, penetrating the grout and loosening the tile adhesive, causing them to lift and break. This situation can easily create a Health and Safety issue.


In this case study, the existing floor covering in the food facility was badly deteriorated due to regular spills of hot CIP (cleaning in place) solutions. The equipment is only down from production on Saturday/Sunday.

The existing coating was removed with grinders and dust collectors. The floor was repaired with Belzona® 4181, then Belzona® 5891 was applied over the top with a non-slip aggregate on the surface, completing the application without disruption of operations.