Belzona Solutions for HVAC Systems

Novel Solutions to Age Old Problems

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As a result of over 60 years of continuous development, Belzona provides a complete range of innovative, proven repair and protection systems for common problems affecting HVAC equipment. Our polymeric repair composites and protective coatings have stood the test of time by providing high-performance solutions that are proven to last, helping clients to:

  • Reduce downtime
  • Extend equipment and asset life
  • Reduce capital expenditure
  • Improve efficiency and safety
  • Simplify maintenance procedures
  • Lower maintenance costs

Our unique solutions are engineered to withstand the most aggressive environments and operating conditions, such as erosion, corrosion, chemical attack, and mechanical damage. We take pride in the quality of our materials as well as the comprehensive training and field support we provide to ensure the highest possible application standards.

Corrosion in Cooling Towers

The combination of air, water, chemicals, and heat in cooling towers creates a severely corrosive environment.

Corrosion and chemical attack

Chemical treated water accelerates the consumption of zinc galvanizing leading to premature corrosion.

Erosion by impingement

Fan blade leading edges are frequently damaged by impingement from air particles, causing erosion-corrosion.

Mechanical damage

Poor maintenance such as lack of bearing lubrication, loose pulleys, and fan hubs results in scored and worn fan shafts.

Aging of the unit and failure of original coatings

Poorly specified paint systems fail to protect in warm, humid, and immersed environments, which can result in legionnaires disease outbreaks.

Belzona’s polymeric corrosion-resistant coatings and cold-applied metal repair composites are engineered for the harsh conditions inside cooling tower systems, providing durable protection against corrosion and chemical attack, as well as erosion and wear. Pitting corrosion and metal loss can be recovered without the need for welding, avoiding expensive replacement costs. Our solutions can be used to repair damaged units, or applied to new equipment to significantly extend its life in service.

Air System Maintenance Challenges

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Belzona recognizes the challenges of air system maintenance and addresses them with the development of cold-applied polymeric repair materials and corrosion-resistant coatings designed to function in these severe operating conditions.

Metal loss repair

Corrosion of surfaces such as condensate drip pans, cooling coil supports and ductwork can cause significant metal loss, leading to thin-wall and even throughwall defects. Belzona‘s metal repair materials offer a cold-applied alternative to replacement or unwanted hot work repairs.

Corrosion and weathering protection

The coating of interior air handler parts and ductwork prevents future corrosion, avoiding premature failure and replacement. In addition, encapsulation provides seamless protection at ductwork elbows, T-pieces, and complex contours.

Joint and the seam sealing

Failure of joints and seams can allow critical ingress of water and disruption of airflow, affecting the cooling and heating process. Belzona’s flexible repair materials can restore joints and seams as a long-lasting solution. Sealing at the interface between the roof and the ductwork can also be achieved with Belzona flexible membranes.

Chillers Deterioration

Shell and tube heat exchangers also referred to as chillers, are a vital part of any heating or air conditioning system. Failure to quickly protect these units allows galvanic corrosion to take place, resulting in wastage and metal loss on the tube sheet around the coolant tubes.

Left untreated, the loss of metal can cause leakage of the coolant and contamination of the chilled water. Corrosion is not restricted to the tube sheet, the water box and end covers can also be affected. In particular, corrosion in division bars and seal faces can lead to leakage and loss of efficiency, as well as the inability to maintain the desired working environment in buildings.

Belzona’s polymeric technology isolates the dissimilar metals, preventing further galvanic corrosion. The tough repair and coating system also protects the chiller against the effects of erosion and, as a result, increases asset life and efficiency while avoiding replacement. Belzona materials are easy and quick to apply by hand, reducing downtime and hazards during application.

The Belzona solution creates a smooth tube sheet face flush with the tube ends, leading to reduced turbulence and greater efficiency. Water boxes and end covers can also be repaired and protected.

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