Buildings and structures are routinely subjected to a variety of physical and corrosive damage, specially if located in a coastal area. Harsh environmental impact, and general day-to-day usage can lead to numerous problems such as water ingress and physical degradation. A damaged substrate not only requires a solution that can be installed with minimal downtime and disruption, but the repair must also ensure the substrate will remain protected for the long term.

Belzona’s polymeric repair composites and coatings provide durable repair and protection based on years of successful experience with floors, walls and roofs. Our wide range of repair and protection materials have been carefully formulated to address the various problem areas found within residential communities.

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Roof Repair & Protection

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Roof integrity can often be jeopardized by various factors such as substrate movement during warm and cold cycles, physical damage, rain and adverse weather conditions. These effects can prove highly detrimental and damaging to the roof’s waterproofing capabilities. Repairs involving hot work are often hazardous and seldom permitted as they present a significant fire risk to contractors and to the building.

Belzona’s liquid applied Polymeric Membranes provide outstanding waterproofing and weatherproofing properties of our membranes, together with their excellent flexibility and high adhesion, ensure the roof will remain protected for the long term.These low odor, cold applied systems incur minimal disruption during the application process, allowing for a rapid and safe installation in many locations such as residences and condos.

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This application was carried out in Miami, FL. The raining season was about to begin and this roof had several leaks and deteriorated areas that were potentially going to become problematic.Belzona 3111 was chosen over other alternative solutions because of their compliance with stringent standard ASTM D6083. Belzona 3111 has a long track record of successful applications on roofs, gutters, joints, ponded areas, parapet walls, seams, flat roof areas, glazing bars, flashings, complex roofs and domes, tank base sealing.

Balcony Overhead Repairs

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Spalling concrete is quite a common issue in concrete repairs. It might pose a serious safety hazard to the general public as well as to the physical property. Especially, if the spalling parts are located overhead, for example, edges of balconies, parapet walls, entrances, archways and bridges. To prevent accidents and to reduce safety hazards, spalling concrete requires an immediate attention and response.

Belzona has a wide range of solutions for spalling concrete including 4141, a lightweight epoxy composite designed for the concrete repairs on overhead and masonry structures. Unlike many conventional concrete systems that require a long period of curing (up to 28 days), Belzona 4141 reaches a full mechanical cure within 12 hours and a full chemical cure in 3 days at an optimal temperature of 25C (77F). In addition, the repaired area can be painted over to match the color and texture of the entire structure.

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These balconies had not been repaired or maintained for many years and looked very critical, with loose concrete potentially falling onto residents and causing a safety issue. In 2016 the Local Authority decided to restore the first block of flats (38 x balconies), specifying Belzona materials for the job. The Local Authority was so pleased with the final result that in August 2017, they required the same Belzona products to repair and coat another 192 balconies + 18 walkways on five more blocks of flats on this same site.

Restoration & Protection of Decorative Structures

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Decorative structures located outdoors often suffer from concrete and metal damage due to erosion-corrosion, weathering, freeze-thaw cycle and physical impact. To maintain the curbside appeal pleasant-looking, inviting and safe, the decorative structures, floors and areas need to be repaired and/or provided with preventative maintenance.

This fountain was having an issue with leaking fountain water from the waterfall attraction back under the coquina rock and continued under the entire fountain foundation that puddled up on the sidewalk edge leading in and out of the terminal to the parking and rental car areas. This area is constantly walked on by thousands of airport customers, tourists and airport employees each day which was causing a slip, trip, and fall hazard issue.The first Belzona attempt solved the main concern of water accumulating on the adjacent sidewalk. Belzona 4124 has plugged all holes and cracks and Belzona 5233 not only helped seal the rock face, but when the water fall is running in the direct sun light, it sparkles. Also, the added protection of Belzona 5122 helps repel the water.

Sea Wall Protection

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If left unattended, concrete might compromise the integrity of the entire concrete structure. Damaged or spalled parts of concrete might lead to further water ingress, deeper spalling, or crumbling, exposing reinforcing bars, etc.

Belzona has created a range of 100% solids epoxies for mortar repairs as an alternative to traditional rebuilding. These epoxies are designed to restore concrete structures, protecting them and prolonging their lifetimes. And rather than trying to individually solve every one of the above issues, Belzona has created a just handful of versatile systems, which can be used to treat an infinite amount of problems.