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Belzona 1111 & 1982

save a leaking sour crude tank in an oil field in North Florida

Belzona 1391T & 1511

extend a heat exchangeru2019s service life after erosion in Central Florida

Belzona 3411

an encapsulating membrane that allows to be cut and peeled back to allow access

Belzona 3111

applied to repair leaks through seams and joints

Belzona Superwrap II

successfully tackles an emergency pipe leak repair in a power plant

Belzona 4111

create a u201cSmooth Rideu201d expansion joint in a Florida Hospital

Belzona 5233 & 5812

repair and protect airport fountain

Belzona 5811

protects cooling plant at meat processing plant for future problems with pipes and framework

Belzona 5811

protects fan shroud against corrosion due to caustic mist at Floridian paper mill